Sprinklerové systémy Shark, a.s. - Fire-Fighting Sprinkler Systems

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construction & development

Mechanical Engineering Office

Our mechanical engineering office is ready to prepare for you complete projects of sprinkler fire extinguishing system, including project study, documentation for administrative purposes, and realization plans. We can organize a supplier tender, and provide engineering project supervision. We are preparing projects in accordance with Czech technical norms and insurance companies norms, based on Czech and EU legislation, but also on the basis of foreign insurance companies (VdS CEA 4001, FM Global, NFPA etc.). The office further specializes in projection of fire security protection, electronic fire protection systems and gas exhaustion systems.

Civil Engineering Office

Civil Engineering Office specializes in projection and reconstructions of commercial, industrial, residential and municipal buildings now for more than a decade. We provide high quality and complex projection services, technological and architectonical studies including parcel allotment, geological and radon survey, plus engineering supervision throughout construction with all authorization required by law.

Our highly skilled team of engineers is always ready to help. For more information, please, contact us anytime!